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Welcome to Synergy Guild!

Please check out the forums and post topics on anything that interests you.

Make sure to update your profile. Upload a picture to use as your Avatar and make sure to tell us about yourself!

I also encourage screenshots of any kind to be added to our gallery. To take a screenshot while in-game, press Alt-PrntScrn. They will be saved in your \Program Files\Runes of Magic\Screenshots\ folder.

Right now we are recruiting all levels and classes. Ideally we would like main characters that are level 30+ who are mature and respectful. If you know anybody who is interested, please message Bishybob, Levidia, Shewarden, Faranim or Malasiae. Don't be afraid to be proactive and invite people!
(Anybody in the guild with the rank of Sr. Cadet and higher are able to recruit members.)

There is also a resources page at the top where you can add what crafts you have and their levels - and make requests.

We will be using Dolby Axon as voice-chat software. You can find a link to the download site on the main page under the links section.

The forums are up and fairly organized so please post!!

Check back often for new content including guides and tips.


Guild News

ROM Honor Tournament

Bishybob, Mar 20, 12 7:12 PM.
  1. Default RoM Honor Tourney

    Fight for the honor of your guild, your beloved or your very name. Fight until you’re the last hero standing! While the losers bathe in the shame of their defeat, you’ll be able to show everyone how awesome you are with the following prizes:
    Every participant:
    Prove that you’re the most honorable adventurer who ever wandered through the realms of Taborea!

    Here’s how it works: Every day your community manager will post on the Runes of Magic website,Facebook and Twitter which server they are going to visit. In addition, you can find the complete plan for the week in our forums.

    As soon as we’ve arrived on the server, we’ll have a registration phase of half an hour. Please understand that we can only accept applications of well trained adventures of level 65 or higherbecause we’d like to avoid unfair advantages due to level differences. Your CM will then select the 32 players who have presented themselves in the most heroic light. Then we’ll take a 10-minute break so that you can prepare yourselves for battle. The duels will take place in the Obsidian Stronghold.
    Every participant will have to deactivate any costume and lay down their own armour and weapons. We’ll provide you with tourney clothing*.
    After that, we’ll have 1 hour for the first duels (1vs1), where each winner** gets into the next round. We’ll take another 10-minute break afterwards so that you can recover some strength for the final battles.
    Once rounds 1-30 are done, the final four candidates will have to fight for the top three prizes! The two defeated in rounds 29 and 30 will compete for third place in the 31st battle round, and the winner will receive the bronze honour trophy! The two winners of rounds 29 and 30 will fight against each other – whoever wins shall have first place, and the other will come in second.

    * You’ll need at least 8 free slots in your backpack.
    ** If any duel ends in a tie, both participants have to /roll to determine the winner. If any participant doesn’t react for 2 minutes when it’s their turn to duel, they’ll be disqualified.
  2. Yesterday, 11:36 AM#2
    Community ManagerDionaea's Avatar

    Join Date
    Nov 2011

    US, Oklahoma


    Here is our battle plan for the US servers:

    Monday, 19th March 2012

    1 pm - 4 pm PDT Grimdal Results:

    Someone always has to be the first, and this time it was Grimdal's turn. We had lots of fun watching our players duel and also noticed, how hard it is to make the tournament fair when the numbers turn out uneven. But all participants were great fair-players and we had a good time.

    The Top 3 from this event on Grimdal:
    3rd Place: Cloakndagger
    2nd Place: Ptah
    and 1st Place: Duarte

    Next upcoming: 4 pm - 7 pm PDT Artemis

    Headsup Artemis, we need to move your event to tomorrow 1 pm - 4 pm PDT due to a severe thunderstorm making my internet rather more off then on. 

    Tuesday, 20th March 2012

    1 pm - 4 pm PDT Artemis (changed, please see note above)
    4 pm - 7 pm PDT Govinda

    Wednesday, 21st March 2012

    1 pm - 4 pm PDT Palenque
    4 pm - 7 pm PDT Osha

    Thursday, 22nd March 2012

    4 pm - 7 pm PDT Reni

    Friday, 23rd March 2012

    4 pm - 7 pm PDT Indigo

Siege Times Since Daylight Savings

Bishybob, Mar 19, 12 1:55 AM.
Here are the times for Siege for different time zones. Hopefully this will help with some of the confusion as to when Siege starts:

Pacific: 7:00 PM
Mountain Time (Arizona): 7:00 PM
Mountain Time (No DST): 8:00 PM
Central Time: 9:00 PM
Eastern Time: 10:00pm

United States Time Zone Map

United States Time Zone Map

Runes of Magic Android App

Bishybob, Mar 1, 12 12:45 PM.
There is a Runes of Magic Android App that I have been using for quite a while now. It displays all skills for every class, including elite skills for every class combination. It's free and well worth the download.
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